Bioshock Studio Irrational Games Shuts Down

The internet was saddened to learn today that Irrational Games, creator of the Bioshock fame, is shutting down. Ken Levine posted a lengthy letter on the Irrational Games site about the closure, the fate of the employees, and what the future holds.

Sad Big Daddy“I am winding down Irrational Games as you know it. I’ll be starting a smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor at Take-Two.  That is going to mean parting ways with all but about fifteen members of the Irrational team.   There’s no great way to lay people off, and our first concern is to make sure that the people who are leaving have as much support as we can give them during this transition. “

Levine mentions he wants to focus on working with a smaller team on narrative titles that feature greater re-playability and hone in on digitally distributed titles.

It’s easy to see in Levine’s farewell that a lot of this came down to finances and difficulty involved with producing triple-A cross platform titles, especially those with the scope of the Bioshock franchise. The future of the franchise is uncertain, but one thing is for sure — my heart goes out to all of the hardworking developers who are losing their jobs at Irrational Games.

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